Chinese scientist: Sarawak possesses highest potential to be destination of choice for China’s eco-tourists

A team of scientists from Paleo Diary Eco-Scientist Club are in Sarawak to explore the region's potential to become an eco-tourism destination for China nationals.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, March 29: After exploration trips and research in various parts in Malaysia, the scientists of Paleo Diary Eco-Scientist Club have concluded that Sarawak possesses the highest potential as the nation’s eco-tourism destination.

Chen Rui, a zoologist at the Institute of Zoology, China who is also the leader of the Paleo Diary Science Team said in the last decade, exploration trips and studies have been carried out in Sabah, Cameron Highlands and Ipoh, among others, in Malaysia where they have collected about 100,000 high-resolution pictures of Malaysian eco-systems.

“Sarawak has the highest potential because in terms of transport, though there is no direct flight from Beijing, apart from Kuala Lumpur, it is still relatively a convenient place to reach.

“Its eco-system, so far, is the most pristine among all other places we have visited, and the most worthwhile to conduct research and study due to Sarawak’s natural resources–its biodiversity, the area size of its rainforest, and the high probability to encounter endemic species,” said Chen during a press conference held at the Sarawak Tourism Board office here today.

Citing orangutan, proboscis monkeys, lungless flying frogs, and fireflies, he said practically in every national park, there is a creature of attraction, which augurs well for the Chinese interested in eco-tourism.

Sarawak’s biodiversity is so rich that Chen believes Sarawak can be the centre of eco-tourism for the whole of Malaysia.

“We also hope to build a science exploration centre as an eco-tourism centre here in the future so that Sarawak can become China or even the world’s destination for eco-tourism,” said Chen. — DayakDaily