Carelessness, combustible materials identified as cause of fire that damaged four houses in Taman Permai

Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee and firemen checking on a fire hydrant at Taman Permai.

By William Isau

SIBU, Feb 7: Carelessness and combustible materials have been identified as the probable causes of the fire that swept four houses in Taman Permai on February 1.

Sibu Bomba chief Janggan Muling said the 1am fire was believed to have started from fireworks that were let off in the surrounding area.

“The first house that caught fire is also a car garage with combustible items in it. This resulted in the fire spreading quickly to the next three houses,” he said.

One of the houses was 70 per cent damaged while the other was 30 per cent damaged. The other two houses were partially damaged (5 to 10 per cent).

“The 25 occupants from the four houses are safe as they rushed out from the house when the fire started.”

Three cars and two motorcycles were also destroyed in the fire.

Janggan said that when 28 firefighters from the Sungai Merah and Central stations arrived at the scene, they could not open the valves of the fire hydrants as they were covered with tar. This caused the firefighters to use the water from their fire engines.

“I want the people to inform us if fire hydrants are not working or are not in good condition.” — DayakDaily