Bringing youth to the forefront of development in KYDO’18

Awangku Mirza presenting his makeup creation inspired by Orang Ulu legend “Letto Paren Beti’Ek”.

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KUCHING, Nov 30: The city is fast-transforming into a cosmopolitan destination with a plethora of artsy and cultural events over the last few years.

Adding to the state capital’s vibrancy recently was Kuching Youth Day Out (KYDO) 2018 at the Kuching Waterfront.

Organised by Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM) and youth volunteer group AZAM Young Souls, the outdoor portion of the two-day event featured a slew of young bloods in the local fashion, beauty and arts industry as they performed and showcased their talent in various sessions and activities throughout the day.

“What struck me was how much the local fashion scene has evolved looking at the collections – from ethnic contemporary to futuristic designs.

“Now KYDO’18 sees a progression in how we engage with the local youths that is bringing some of the outstanding, independent youth collectives together in pushing a progressive youth development agenda further,” AZAM deputy CEO Rosalind Yang Misieng said.

Philip wowed the audience with his elegant eveningwear which fuse traditional motifs and patterns with modern styles, creating a line that is forward-thinking and distinctly Sarawakian.
Sasha’s “Nasha Prive” collection was an edgy fusion of biker-rock-chic with leather fabrics, graphic tees and a monochrome palette which perfectly embodied the theme “Street Park”.

The KYDO Creative Makeup Competition challenged and judged participating makeup artists on their creativity and skills from concept to execution. Participants watched as artists transformed their clean-faced models to fanciful visions of mythical creatures from local and foreign legends alike with their makeup skills and artistically crafted costumes.

Awangku Mirza Shahiran won the competition with his creation called “Letto Paren Beti’Ek” based on an Orang Ulu legend, while Saiful Irwan and Nuraffin Ahmad took home first and second-runner up awards with their creations called “Forest Fairy” and “Princess Peacock of Borneo” respectively.

Dance competition winner Creatist from Unimas seen during their performance.
Zumba session.

The Kuching Youth Night Out concert featured a few distinguished categories of talents which included hip hop modern dancers, singers, bands, university creative club performers and local fashion designers Sasha Namara and Philip Reynold.

Themed “Street Park”, Sasha’s gritty collection under his fashion label “Nasha Prive” was punk-rock edgy with a combination of graphic tees and biker-inspired outfits in leather and sequins.

From the other end of the spectrum was ethnic contemporary fashion designer Philip, whose collection inspired by traditional ethnic wear merged modern fashion with traditional fabrics and motifs.

Modern dance performances from such talents as Aortaz Crew, Co-ed Crew, Bombshells Crew, Keisha Crew, Brochachos Crew, and Creatist from Unimas showed off their dance skills on the Godown Amphitheatre stage, impressing the audience with their talent and imagination.

KYDO put a twist on the classic flea market model by challenging its participating vendors and entrepreneurs to take part in a pitching session on their products and services

Food vendors and entrepreneurs also added to the vibrancy as they displayed their ware along the Kuching Waterfront and also put their salesmanship to the test in a pitching contest where IQ Teach won the Best Entrepreneur Pitch award and Best Booth Deco award.

“With the Product Pitching Contest for startups and entrepreneurs in Kuching organized by AZAM during KYDO’18, it is a great step in preparing them to develop new businesses and find investors or donors to invest and grow their businesses.

“This programme should be conducted every year and entrepreneurs should be trained a day before the pitching programme so that they can create a more effective pitch before conducting in front of potential investors,” said Sarawak SME Online Niaga CEO Roslan Razali, one of the judges for the pitching event.

KYDO’18 was a two-day programme which started with a day-long Ngopi Ngeteh session on 9 November which saw local youth entrepreneurs and changemakers engage with youth participants in theme-driven seminar sessions on current social and economic trends. — DayakDaily