Boost your business with digital technology, entrepreneurs advised

Naroden (centre) launching the eCommerce Shoutout programme.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Dec 1: Sarawakian entrepreneurs must embrace rapidly evolving technologies and adjust their business plans and strategies accordingly in order to stay ahead.

Assistant Minister for E-Commerce Datuk Naroden Majais stressed that eCommerce is on an upward trend globally, and it is expected to remain so in the future.

In Malaysia, eCommerce is also increasing in popularity among existing and new businesses due to their growth potential.

Speaking at the launching of the state’s inaugural eCommerce Shoutout programme here today, Naroden said there were 15.3 million online shoppers in Malaysia alone, and the volume was expected to grow rapidly.

“The rapid eCommerce development, be it globally or nationally, is due to the advancement of digital technology. Together with Internet-of-Things (IoT), it has changed not only the way we do business but also our daily lives.

“Ordinary people like us are not spared from the wave of these technologies. As such, our entrepreneurs also need to embrace these technologies to be competitive domestically and internationally,” he said.

eCommerce Shoutout programme participants with Naroden (front row, 3rd right).

He told those present that Sarawak was no longer an isolated market because of eCommerce.

Through digital technology, the eCommerce industry has become more integrated, where all the information on supply and value chains can be stored in big data, which can be accessed, shared and utilised by industry players no matter where they are located.

“Regardless of whether it is big or small industries, they are now at the same level playing field in terms of market access through this advancement.

“The availability of big data provides the supporting industries real-time information to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness of their services, particularly in marketing, banking and logistics support,” he added.

Naroden, who is also Assistant Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneur Development, said the eCommerce Shoutout programme was a good avenue for Sarawakian youths.

Organised by the Ministry of International Trade and eCommerce (MITeC), the programme is one of the initiatives taken by the Sarawak government to promote eCommerce and relevant driving technologies among Sarawakians.

“Currently, 42 per cent of our 2.8 million population are youths, so it is only right for us to invest in them as they represent promising long-term prospects for growth and development of the state’s economy.

“As such, we need to develop talents among our youths, especially on ICT technologies and services including artificial intelligence and Fintech, in order to generate new businesses and services,” he said. — DayakDaily