Batu Kitang rep to use RTP funds increase fire hydrants in constituency

Lo (yellow shirt) observes Khirudin demonstrate how firefighters from the Rapid Intervention Motorcycle Team (RIM) respond to emergency cases with a foam extinguisher.

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by Nancy Nais

KUCHING, March 8: Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang will make use of his Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) fund to install more fire hydrants where needed in his constituency.

Similar to what he did for street lighting and CCTVs in the constituency, Lo said he would do the same for fire hydrants, which is one of the most important factors in saving lives and property from fire.

Speaking after the launch of the Bomba Community programme at Kampung Semeba community hall here today, he disclosed that some community leaders had earlier voiced their worry that there are insufficient fire hydrants within or surrounding their areas.

“(Concerned about) not enough fire hydrants? That is good news. It means the ketua kampung (village chiefs) now realise how important it is and they finally voiced their worries. It means they are concerned and they care.

“Therefore, through my RTP fund, together with Kuching Water Board (KWB) and Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Sarawak, we can install fire hydrants where they are needed,” Lo told reporters, adding that he was very pleased with the positive response.

Community leaders under Batu Kitang area can forward their requests to Lo, and from there, he will work to fulfil it with the relevant authorities.

Khirudin (right) briefs Lo (yellow shirt) on how Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) personnel operate.

Meanwhile, Lo expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Bomba Community programme which saw 140 participants taking part in learning basic fire fighting and preventive measures.

With such basic training and knowledge taught, he is confident that participants comprising members of the local community can help and know what do to in the event of fire.

“They will be able to assist immediately while waiting for firefighters to arrive. As we all know, the first few minutes when fire occurs is the most crucial moment to douse it before it gets bigger. If we can tackle the fire early, then there will be less damage and we can save much more that way.

“Today I have seen the participants’ eagerness and excited faces. Obviously, this is an excellent programme because the community engagement is very high. I am so pleased to witnessed this and what more when community leaders choose to take charge and responsibility of fire hydrants,” Lo asserted.

Watching the community showing their ‘sense of belonging’ after attending the programme, Lo hoped that more people will join the Bomba Community programme.

“The more the better. Perhaps, if we can have at least 500 people from Batu Kitang area who are volunteers, imagine how much we can do to help the community and also help our firefighters,” he added.

Members of Batu Kitang Bomba Community leaders, members with Lo (back row, fifteenth left) and firefighters.

Meanwhile, Lo has requested Bomba Sarawak through its state director Khirudin Drahman to submit their paperwork and budget to set up a Volunteer Firefighting Unit (PBS) for Batu Kitang.

He has also pledged to allocate them money when needed especially to purchase hoses, fire extinguishers and other basic fire fighting equipment.

“I will continue to support Bomba and this programme. I want them to do more of such similar events. Please accept my gratitude for their commitment not only in saving lives and property but working so hard to educate our community,” Lo said. — DayakDaily