BASE jumper crashes into glass panel at Wisma Sanyan

Broken glass. — file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

SIBU: An Australian BASE jumper suffered minor injuries after crashing into an exterior glass panel of Wisma Sanyan during a trial jump today, reports The Star.

The jumper, identified only as Gary, 32, had leapt from the top floor of Wisma Sanyan at 8am, 126 metres above the area of impact.

He crashed through a glass panel in the side of the building, with the upper part of his body inside and his lower body hanging outside, causing alarm and concern among witnesses.

The strings of his parachute had also gotten entangled on the 13th floor of the building, which kept him from falling. The news report did not disclose what had led to the incident.

It quoted Sibu International BASE Jump event director Abdul Aziz Ahmad as saying that the incident was not due to a technical glitch as all jumpers’ equipment had safety features.

He added that Gary, who has 420 jumps in Malaysia under his belt, suffered light injuries on his legs and elbows.

A total of 84 jumpers, including four from Malaysia, are taking part in the 9th Sibu International BASE Jump which starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday.