Bartender loses RM11K in Macau scam

Scam alert. Photo: Pixabay

SIBU, May 22: A female bartender was cheated of RM11,450 in a Macau scam when she was told that her company had unpaid tax with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

According to Sibu district police chief, ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit, on May 21 while the 28-year-old complainant was at home she received a call from a woman who identified herself as a tax officer from IRB.

“The complainant was told that her beer supplier company in Kuantan, Pahang had an unpaid tax amounting to RM138,600. When she denied ever having such company, she was made to believe that someone might have used her name to set up the company,” he said.

Subsequently she called the Pahang police station from a number provided by the suspect. She informed a ‘Sgt Idi’ that she wanted to make a police report concerning her identity card being used by someone to register for a company.

“After making the police report, ‘Sgt Idi’ asked her to contact Bank Negara to avoid being declared a bankrupt. One officer who identified himself as ‘Justine Filip Binm’ told the complainant that he had checked and found that she had a tax arrear of RM 138,600.90,” he added.

The complainant was told that in order in order to protect her bank account due to the unpaid tax, she had to reveal her username and password.

“At between 1.52pm to 11.54pm after providing the suspect with her account details to the suspect, she received a call from her bank that two transfers amounting to RM11,450 had been done to another account,” said ACP Stanley.

The complainant immediately called ‘Sgt Idi’ to no avail.

ACP Stanley said the case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating. —DayakDaily