Artifacts found next to Kuching Central Police Station from Brooke’s era?

Head of conservation, research and collection division for Sarawak Museum Department Nicholas Daby Henry Atie (2nd left) and his team visiting the site.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, June 25: More artifacts believed to date back to the Brooke’s era were unearthed next to the Central Police Station here yesterday.

The discovery was made when construction workers were doing drainage upgrading works around the area.

Construction works have been put on hold for archaeologists from Sarawak Museum Department to carry out rescue archaeology and investigations.

Artifacts believed to date back to the Brooke’s era were unearthed next to the Central Police Station, Kuching.

Head of conservation, research and collection division Nicholas Daby Henry Atie said they received the report on the discovery yesterday afternoon.

“The artifacts mostly consist of broken pieces of white porcelain and ceramic in the third layer comprising loose soil.

“The first layer is the pre-mix tar cement road, followed by stones (second layer), loose soil (third layer), concrete beam (fourth layer) and clay on the fifth layer,” Nicholas explained to DayakDaily during the site visit today.

Based on what had been discovered found so far, and by looking at the beam and wall ground, Nicholas added that they were probably dated from Brooke’s era.

“Looking at the condition (in broken pieces), it could have been disposed of here so there might be more artifacts at the site, and towards the shoplots in front of Central Police station.

“Our team will begin the rescue archaeology work over the next few days. These artifacts will be kept by the Museum Department where we will do in-depth and thorough analysis to study the age and history of these artifacts,” he added.

Nicholas Daby Henry Atie showing one of the broken white porcelains found underground.

Nicholas also believed that there could be more discoveries, especially at areas heading towards the riverbank because this is not the first time.

On Dec 17, 2020, a similar discovery was made inside the Central Police Station’s compound where artifacts, including a glass pill bottle believed to have been made in London in the 1880s, were found.

Then in 2017, construction workers discovered ancient Chinese relics on Jan 6, said to be more than 200 years old, just opposite the State Museum nearby. — DayakDaily