AMK Sarawak lends moral support to state soccer players

Saifunnizam (centre) and his AMK Sarawak members holding the `Wishing you well’ banner at the vicinity of the Sarawak team training ground.

KUCHING, Jan 30: Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) Sarawak brought Chinese New Year cheer to the Sarawak football squad and the Under-19 team at their respective training grounds today.

Its chief, Saifunnizam Sam, said as the premier league season will be starting this weekend, AMK Sarawak also took time to wish the senior squad the best of luck and hoped that issues of late salary payment and others would not affect their performance and the team morale.

“The state team for the premier league is a young side, and AMK Sarawak hopes they can do well,” he said in a statement.

AMK Sarawak, he added, also hope that the management could take care of the players’ welfares.

“To all the players, AMK Sarawak wants them to do their best so that Sarawak will get promoted back to the Super League in 2020.

“Supporters are to give their undivided support to the team and to come to the stadium in droves.

“The team needs the 12th player to be with them this time around, and AMK Sarawak hopes that everybody is ready to accept views and criticisms to build a better team for the state,” he said. — DayakDaily