4 Indonesians trying to enter Sarawak illegally ordered to go back

The four Indonesian men were ordered to return to their country.

KUCHING, Dec 20: Four Indonesian men were ordered to return to their country by the General Operation Force (GOF) Sarawak Brigade after attempting to enter Sarawak illegally through “jalan tikus” in Lundu, yesterday.

According to GOF Sarawak commander SAC Mancha Ata, in a statement today, they were stopped by a team of police from GOF Sarawak Brigade near the Sarawak-Kalimantan border in Kampung Raso in Lundu, at 5.45pm.

At that time, the four men were riding on two motorcycles and were believed to be trying to enter the state using the “jalan tikus” or illegal route.

He said upon inspection, police found that two of the Indonesians had valid travel documents, while the other two failed to produce any valid documentation or entry permit to Malaysia.

“They were ordered to return back to Indonesia using the same route they came from by the operation commander, for the offence under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and Section 6(1) of the Immigration Act 1959 (Act 155),” he said.

Mancha added, GOF Sarawak Bridgade will continue to monitor and conduct an inspection in the border areas, especially involving “lorong tikus” and other active non-gazetted roads, in efforts to curb the entry of illegal immigrants into the state. — DayakDaily