30 more sacks allegedly containing dead pigs dumped into Sg Semenggo 2 just a day after receiving complaints, says DAP’s Kong

Indiscriminate dumping at Sg Semenggo 2.

KUCHING, Aug 24: Michael Kong Feng Nian, a special assistant to Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen, claims that yesterday evening, just 24 hours after receiving complaints about sacks being thrown into Sungai Semenggo 2, 30 more sacks were dumped into the river.

According to a statement by Kong today, they had personally visited the said river this morning and confirmed that all the sacks were still there.

“Despite not being able to access the river and open the sacks to confirm their contents, we managed to sight one dead pig in the said river.

“This confirms our complaint yesterday that sacks containing dead pigs were disposed of indiscriminately,” he said.

He stressed that more must be done to contain the African Swine Fever virus.

“I urge the authorities to look into the matter with great urgency and take immediate steps to remove the sacks of dead pigs in Sungai Semenggo 2,” he asserted.

Yesterday, Kong in a statement revealed the DAP Stampin branch received a complaint from a few local residents that Sungai Semenggo 2 reeked of a very unpleasant and foul smell due to indiscriminate dumping. — DayakDaily