10 community leaders in Tebedu reappointed

Liaw (left) presents a letter of appointment to one of the village chiefs in a simple ceremony held at Tebedu District Office. Photo: Ukas

TEBEDU, Jan 28: Nine village chiefs and one Penghulu have been reappointed to continue the responsibility and role of leading the community in their respective areas.

According to a report by Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas), a ceremony to present letters of credentials and certificates to the reappointed community leaders was recently held at Tebedu District Office.

Tebedu District Officer Joseph Liaw officiated at the ceremony.

Additionally, there were two new appointments as village chiefs given to Charles Likeng from Kampung Tesu Mawang and Christopher Bunar from Kampung Payau Achau.

At the same time, two village chiefs have retired after serving more than 20 years, Bingam Libai from Kampung Entubuh and Lambung Masing from Kampung Kuhum Mandeg, due to age and health factors.

According to Liaw, all those appointed should work hard and commit themselves to the tasks entrusted by the people and the government, especially in terms of infrastructure, socio-economic, and social development for the welfare of the village.

“The achievements of all village chiefs and community leaders will be evaluated in terms of performance based on monthly reports, programmes, and proactive actions for the development of the village.

“The first appointment period of a village chief was four years followed by two years and a year,” he said.

He reminded that grassroots leaders should play an important role as leaders in the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK), which is the liaison organisation between the people and government offices in the village. — DayakDaily