“Why blame Sarawak gov’t?” Wan Junaidi asks MTUC

Dato Sri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar

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KUCHING, Jan 17: Santubong MP Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar holds that it is unfair for Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) Sarawak to blame the Sarawak government for Sarawakians who fall victim to job scams when they try to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

To him, the fault lies in the federal government.

He acknowledged that while 28 out of the 40 Sarawakians in the Cambodia scam case were without steady jobs, he posited that if the job seekers were to think “just a little bit deeper”, they would not have gone for the job.

“How could a business like a hotel and restaurant in Cambodia offer such a high salary of USD1,500 to USD2,000 to people without requisite qualifications and special experience?” Wan Junaidi asked.

Wan Junaidi said this in a statement in response to FMT’s story where MTUC Sarawak Secretary General Andrew Lo was quoted as slamming the Sarawak government for its failure to create suitable jobs, after the latest case of Sarawakians falling victim to job scams overseas.

FMT also quoted Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii who highlighted the latest case where a Sarawakian fell prey to another job scam in the Maldives where the employer kept the Sarawakian’s passport.

“The same with this guy who went to Maldives. How he got the information about the job and what is his qualification to fit into the job requirements that attracted him to go there?” asked Wan Junaidi.

“He was cheated by the in-between and the employer there. Where is the factor that shows the State is to be blamed.”

Wan Junaidi said the cases of employers keeping passport of employees happened overseas as well as in Malaysia.

“The rating agency in the US does not blame the country of origin of the employees, but blamed Malaysia the host country.

“In the Maldives’ case, the federal government or MTUC should report Maldives to the US Anti-Human Trafficking Agency. Keeping of the passport is wrong and against the law in Malaysia and I believe it’s also wrong in Maldives.

“I also believe that Maldives is signatory to the UN Convention on Trans-border Crimes and has the law on anti-human trafficking. The federal government must act, not the State who is not signatory to the UN Convention.

“Why blame Sarawak government for the fault of the employer in Maldives?” asked Wan Junaidi.

He said job scams happened everywhere and it was the government of the victims’ origin country which was to be blamed.

“The seeking of greener pastures for the adventurous and brave is going to continue without regards as to whether or not the country produced enough jobs for all.

“Remember that 2.5 per cent unemployment is considered full employment,” said Wan Junaidi.

He also pointed out that it was common for there to be a mismatch between the jobs created and job-seekers’ qualifications.

“I’ve said this some time last year and urge the federal government to create jobs that fit the job-seekers qualifications. Of course, I am also aware that, it is not as simple as you think it is.”

Wan Junaidi said the phenomenon of “getting cheated when searching for job” is just as common in developed countries as in developing countries and even in booming economies like Indonesia, India, Mexico, and others.

“Job seekers will continue seeking for greener pastures and when it does, some unscrupulous employers and agents will continue to exploit and some job-seekers will continue to get cheated.

“I’m sure MTUC could do something instead of pointing fingers to the nearest that they considered held responsible.”

He said MTUC should approach all the employers in the state, big and small to draw a list of positions and vacancies. Then MTUC should keep the list current and advertise the vacancies in way that it will get the attention of the job-seekers. —DayakDaily