When to bank in your money during auspicious Li Chun 2020 according to zodiac sign

Li Chun, also known as the 'Beginning of Spring', is the very first festival of the Chinese solar year and typically falls on the 3, 4 or 5 of February.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Feb 4: Today (Feb 4) is Li Chun, a date in the Chinese calendar that marks the beginning of spring, in which Chinese believe is an auspicious day to deposit money into the bank accounts as a sign of ‘ONG’ (good fortune) for the new year.

Li Chun starts at 5.18pm today and ends at 4.59pm tomorrow (Feb 5).

Traditionally, Li Chun is a significant day for farmers in China as the start of spring meant farmers begin their work in the field after a long winter break.

In China, farmers will celebrate with village ceremonies, worshipping and offering to the Gou Mang, the God of Grain, to pray for bountiful harvest and prosperous new year to come.

They will hold a Da Chun Niu (whipping spring cows) ceremony where a colourful club or a whip would be used to whip an earthen cattle to dispel laziness and pray for good harvest.

People will also welcome the spring with Yao Chun (biting the spring) by eating food like turnip, ginger, scallion, spring rolls and spring pancakes.

But in modern times, it has become a tradition to celebrate Li Chun by planting (depositing) money in the bank accounts.

And fengshui has it that there are different lucky hours for people born under different zodiac signs to deposit their money so to ‘HUAT’ or boost their wealth on Li Chun.

People will start queing up at banks and ATMs as they try to meet the auspicious timings to deposit money into their bank accounts.

Here are the ‘HUAT’ hours to bank in money on Li Chun to activate your wealth according to Feng Shui Beginner:

Other things people practiced to welcome the spring with positive energy include bringing out bedsheet, pillows and blankets to bask in the morning sun, balancing eggs, wearing new clothes or red colour, filling wallets with cash, be joyful at all time and refrain from cursing and swearing.

Whether it is superstition or myth, saving money is a great way to start the year right. So if you are committed to going through with this customs, may you ‘ONG HENG HUAT’ in the new year! —DayakDaily