UTES calls for more openness from management

Alihan (second from left) presents a souvenir to Mohamed Shafie as others look.

KUCHING, Sept 4: The Union of Telecoms Employees Sarawak (UTES) claims its members have been “sidelined, marginalised and treated as second class” by management.

UTES president Mohd Alihan Jais said this was due to allegations of not toeing the line, favouritism and discrimination within the organisation.

He lamented that the relationship between UTES and management had always been “cordial”, until “lately”.

“Employers that treat their employees poorly may inherit a union that may advocate a militant and defiant approach,” Alihan said at the UTES triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) today.

In appealing to top management to show exemplary leadership, he said, “UTES advocates the principle of ‘We can agree to disagree’ and not ‘Toeing the line’. We strongly believe in bilateral actions and decisions, not unilateral ones.

“UTES will not dance to the tune of others in pursuing its objectives. We believe in ourselves and will protect the union in our own ways. We will not follow or do what others dictate.”

Alihan stressed that UTES was not demanding for special treatment from management but merely asking for its members to be respected and be properly treated.

Meanwhile, Union Network International-Malaysia Labour Centre (UNI-MLC) president Datuk Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal said having an effective and responsible trade union in any organisation would benefit all stakeholders, including the government.

He also emphasised that besides protecting its members, unions must also help to propel the economy to a higher level. — DayakDaily