Tiong: Reflect on the year filled with disruptions this festive season

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING, Dec 24: This festive season is a good time to reflect on a year filled with unprecedented disruptions so as to better cherish the present and not lose sight of the peace and harmony Malaysia enjoys today.

Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing highlighted this in his Christmas message to Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole.

With Malaysia’s unique cultural diversity, he noted that Christmas has long been a mainstay that surpassed religious significance as the whole society took turns to celebrate festivals of different faiths and customs every year.

The positive energy and values between the people of the country, he continued, were shared with each other, with a harmonious co-existence as the ultimate goal.

Compared with West Malaysia, Tiong, who is also Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, reminded that Sarawak’s harmony between races has always been an exemplary advantage, a marvel for many.

“People from different cultural backgrounds in Malaysia are like the colourful lights on a Christmas tree adorning this land, reflecting our blessings and hopes. If only a single colour light bulb is shining, then this Christmas tree symbolising Malaysia will look dull and dim.

“As we enter the year 2021, I sincerely hope that our people will understand the principle of unity, put aside our differences and confrontations with each other, and set a good example for our next generation,” he said in a statement today.

The Bintulu MP pointed out that only in this way can Malaysia move closer to the national ideal that everyone yearns for; to have prosperity and stability with harmonious coexistence of races that were not mere bedside stories, but something that was real for everyone.

“As long as everyone practices empathy, unbounded love will bring us together to coexist in prosperity, peace, and stability,” he added.

While the global tensions have had an indirect impact on society and it is inevitable that people will have conflicts and disputes, Tiong hopes that the meaning of Christmas can rekindle the purest grace in everyone’s hearts and continue the beauty of the season of giving during this holiday.

With a mind to resolve the hostility in our hearts, he hopes everyone can continue to look at everything in the world with sincerity and refreshed positivity.

“2020 has been an unprecedented year. Whatever your situation, it is likely you have been under vastly different pressures and worries compared to the past.

“We can only hope that, in the spirit of unity and mutual support, the storms we faced this year will be followed by calm waters. As long as we embrace faith, the candle of hope will not die.

“Finally, I wish you all a Blessed and Merry Christmas,” he extended the season greetings.