Tiong: I leave it for Prime Minister to decide

Dato Sri Tiong King Sing

Editor’s note: The headline has been updated to reflect the true content of the story

KUCHING, Nov 12: Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said whether he should resign as the Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China does not arise as his appointment was the prerogative of the Prime Minister.

Tiong was responding to Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong of DAP, who has demanded Prime Minister to sack the former from his post for insulting the Ministry of Health’s director-general (DG) Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah in his debate speech during Parliament sitting yesterday.

“This is a decision that is left to the Prime Minister’s discretion,” Tiong said in a statement issued here today.

It was reported that, during Parliament sitting yesterday, a heated argument erupted between Tiong and RSN Rayer (PH-Jelutong) who had demanded an apology from Tiong for criticising Dr Noor Hisham.

Tiong accused both Khoo and Rayer of resorting to exactly the practice typical of the DAP, which is to stir up controversy with baseless claims and manipulate the topics for their purposes.

“It is nothing more than manipulating civil servants to win votes and secure power. By their logic, the Health DG is a perfect civil servant who is above rebuke and should not be questioned.

“The start of the pandemic also began during the Pakatan Harapan regime. Why didn’t PH delegate full authority to the Health DG then to fight the outbreak?,” asked Tiong.

Tiong asserted that he was merely voicing the people’s opinions as many families were now affected by the under-performing pandemic prevention and control, and has plunged the country into economic despair.

“As a result, the national economy has been severely impacted. A total of 32,424 small and medium enterprises have shuttered. From these, how many more families and people are affected and how will they continue with life now?,” he questioned.

He told the DAP that his frequent visits to the people and low-income households who

could not hold back their tears about the troubles they have to face due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Since the outbreak, many hotels, F&B (food and beverages) outlets, and tourism businesses could not be sustained. Countless have lost their jobs and incomes for so long. Many can’t even afford to continue their children’s studies. The tragedy hits every corner of society.

“Perhaps these are not the things that DAP is concerned about, because they do not put themselves in people’s shoes. They are merely pointing at the government and concerned with putting themselves on the paths to power. This episode is merely part of the step for their political ambitions,” he said. – DayakDaily