Tebedu Industrial Estate equipped with basic facilities

Basic infrastructure and facilities found at Tebedu Industrial Estate.

KUCHING, Aug 25:  International Trade and Industry, Industrial Terminal and Entrepreneur Development Ministry says the Tebedu Industrial Estate near Sarawak-Indonesian border is equipped with basic infrastructure such as road, drainage, electricity and water supply. 

The ministry said the total area of the industrial covers 133.4 hectares.

Stage 1 of the project covering an area of 48.6 hectares was completed in 2005 and it is where the current Tebedu Inland Port is located.

Stage 2 of the project involved the development of 84.8 hectares of land consisting of 36 lots for general industry and was completed in 2012.

“The project components amongst others consisted of an elevated water tank with the capacity of 4.5MLD, and 33kV and 11kV substations. 

“However the installation and energising of the substations will only be carried out upon commencement of operations by the relevant investors to avoid theft,” said the ministry in a statement today.

The ministry pointed out that the site’s proximity to the Tebedu – Entikong border holds significant potential for cross border trade as shown in the trade volume which peaked in 2013 at over 400,000 metric tonnes before declining drastically from 2014 onwards due to the imposition of trade restriction by the Indonesian government. 

“The government had been actively pursuing to resolve the issue through various engagements at the highest level with Jakarta and Pontianak. 

“Due to the cross border trade issue, investors are reluctant to set up their operations in Tebedu Industrial Estate even though the site is fully equipped and ready.”

Despite so, the ministry said Sarawak Government would continuously endeavor to attract investment to Sarawak, including to Tebedu Industrial Estate through various programs such as expo, trade missions, and dialogue sessions with local and foreign business communities including those in Pontianak, Indonesia.

“The Ministry welcomes any enquiries regarding investment at Tebedu Industrial Estate, and we deeply appreciate the effort by YB Dato’ Sri Dr Richard Riot Jaem as the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in assisting to promote Tebedu Industrial Estate.” — DayakDaily