Tasik Biru rep chided for asserting JKKKs must support GPS govt

Granda Aing

KUCHING, Oct 12: Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep has been reminded that he has no right to state that all village development and security committee (JKKK) secretaries must support the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government as it is against the constitution, said DAP Bau spokesman Granda Aing.

“With regards to his recent statement, I am surprised and taken aback. In this matter, I believe the YB is more of being misguided on the issue. First of all, a YB is a public servant. He is elected by the people to serve them. So, he is a servant for the Bau folks.

“And secondly, his monthly allowance of RM15K and other allowances are paid from the Sarawak Consolidated Fund, i.e, taxes collected from the people of Sarawak including from Bau.

“On that account, he is also a servant of the people. (Rakyat are the taukey and YB is the servant),” Granda said in a statement issued here today.

He was referring to the recent statement by Henry on Oct 10, 2020 whereby he reminded the secretaries of the JKKK to give undivided support to GPS in the upcoming state election or resign their posts.

Granda reiterated that the money used to pay the allowance for the JKKK also come from Sarawak Consolidated Funds and not from GPS and its component parties such as PDP, PBB, PRS, SUPP’s funds.

“All JKKK, whatever may be their political allegiance, are entitled to receive allowance. GPS government is only entrusted to disburse out the money for the Consolidated Funds to all those entitled in accordance with the law; including all the JKKK. The law does not discriminate JKKK from other political parties.

“As these JKKK are elected by the community, elected representatives have no business in interfering and threatening the JKKK,” he said.

Granda said it was not right for Henry to make such a statement  as he deemed it interfering with people’s rights to freedom of speech guaranteed under Article 14 of the Federal Constitution.

“By doing that he is interfering with the people’s rights under article 10 of the Federal Constitution which protect everyone’s right to freedom of association,” he said.

Granda asserted that it was totally unbefitting for an elected person to threaten his own constituents.

“A representative is elected to serve the people but never to threaten them. He must work and serve the entire community, not just his followers.

“Today, the people are fully aware of their rights vis-a-vis the duty of their elected representative towards the community. A YB must remember that without the people’s support he is nobody. So please don’t start to throw your weight around after you are voted. If people can vote you in, they can also vote you out. That’s democracy,” added Granda. —DayakDaily