SWP states stand on organising Gawai celebration issue

Munan Laja

KUCHING, June 4: Politicians and political parties need not worry about interspersed Hari Gawai Dayak celebrations being organised.

Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) president Munan Laja, however, said that the celebration should not be sanctioned.

“It is a sign of progress and the rise of Dayak transformation,” he emphasised in a press statement today.

He was referring to statements made by Dayak leaders on the Gawai celebration this year. The issue is over who should organise it and the proposal for a body to sanction Gawai celebrations in the state.

“It’s hard to stop non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or political parties to hold Gawai celebrations at district, division, state or national level because all this while, the main organisers of the events were not inclusive,” he said.

Dayaks NGOs and political parties that were left out, he added, had to do their own to get together with their members to prove their existence, comradeship and unity.

“We now reap what we sow. To me, as long as the organiser is a lawful body and they follow rules, it’s ok.

“So far, there is no untoward incident in this year’s celebration,” he said.

Munan commented that the one in Bintulu organised by Pakatan Harapan (PH) and the one in Kuching organised by Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) were very colourful.

“They gave an opportunity to the Dayaks in towns and cities to come together to celebrate it, especially those who can’t return home.

“The Dayaks in Sarawak will always hold unique and colourful Gawai celebrations year after year as it is in their roots, to unite in diversity,” he added.

Munan suggested that in the future, organisers of Gawai celebrations also include giving recognition to successful farmers and entrepreneurs from throughout the state, instead of just featuring ‘Pekit Kumang’ and ‘Ngajat’ dance, to boost motivation and inspire the community at large. — DayakDaily