[UPDATED] Suspected human organ trafficker rearrested after released from remand

The suspect being led away after getting rearrested by police officers.

Editor’s note: Details added following release of police statement.

By Dorcas Ting

KUCHING, Aug 26: The 48-year-old man suspected of being a human organ trafficker was rearrested by police after he was released here today following a 12-day remand.

He will be charged with criminal breach of trust at the Sessions Court tomorrow in relation to a different case in 2013 involving RM 249,101.25.

The police investigation revealed that the suspect, while working at Sarawak Insolvency Department, had allegedly committed criminal breach of trust involving RM249,101.25 by issuing payment vouchers to certain parties not related to the said department.

He will be charged under Section 409 of the Penal Code, which carries an imprisonment term between two to 20 years and fine, if found guilty.

According to a statement released by Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Aidi Ismail, there is no testimony showing that the suspect was involved in human organ trafficking activity and the suspect was giving false testimony while being interviewed by a UK tabloid reporter.

Police have contacted the said reporter to seek his cooperation.

The suspect was rearrested by the police after he was released from his remand at the Magistrate’s Court here today.

On Aug 13, the suspect reported himself to the police at 1.45pm and was taken into custody.

Before he was taken into custody, the police had been hunting for the suspect following an article in UK tabloid The Sun which claimed that the suspect is a very experienced organ dealer and had a successful business buying and selling kidneys through his social media page.

ASP Nor Elyanis Mohd Yusoff is the case’s investigating officer while the suspect was unrepresented by counsel in court today. — DayakDaily