Strict SOP should be maintained for civil servants, businessmen entering S’wak

Soo Li Ching

KUCHING, June 5: Political secretary to the Chief Minister Soo Li Ching holds that allowing business personnel and civil servants to enter Sarawak without compulsory Covid-19 testing is putting Sarawak at risk.

She said despite being a political secretary, it is her duty to voice out for Sarawakians.

“The SDMC (State Disaster Management Committee) has announced yesterday that the conditions for both business personnel and civil servants to enter Sarawak will be more lenient, whereby they are not subject to the SOP (standard operating procedures) that all other citizens who want to enter Sarawak must be tested three days before entering Sarawak.

“For this, i believe that this is (a) risk taking. Even though a political secretary, I am obliged to speak up on behalf of Sarawakians and give feedback for any policy or measures that seem to be inappropriate, for better improvement,” said Soo in a press statement today.

She believed that the government must have been receiving feedback and complaints especially from the civil servants, that such a decision was made.

“However, from the perspective of the people, on the aspect of their safety and preventions on the risk of the virus spreading, a stricter measurement and control for entering Sarawak should be applied.

“Although it seems that the latest result of the Covid-19 pandemic in Sarawak is getting better and more stable, we still prefer to be cautious and continue the preventions,” Soo claimed.

She said civil servants and business personnel should make use of digital technologies to reduce travelling for face to face meeting and be replaced with virtual meeting.

“Civil servants should be even more discipline during this Covid-19 period, trying their best to reduce travelling for official duty by physical appearance but replace it with the new norm and adopt new working mode,” said Soo.—DayakDaily