State JKR to check and fix Satok Suspension Bridge asap

The Satok Suspension Bridge is on track to be completed by Dec 20, 2019 as scheduled. (file photo)

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KUCHING, Sept 2: The state Public Works Department (JKR) is carrying out a detailed investigation to find out the cause of the tilting anchor block of the nearly-completed Satok Suspension Bridge.

The department said it will announce its findings and the remedial actions to be taken once the detailed investigation and study is done.

JKR said it had conducted a series of static load tests to the bridge on August 29.

“These tests were conducted with the aim to check the overall deflection of the bridge under different loading conditions,” said JKR in a statement today.

JKR explained that the static load test commenced by loading 800 people on the bridge.

“Survey readings were taken and it was found that the anchor block at the Kubah Ria side was slightly tilted.

“As for anchor block on the Satok side, there was no movement recorded. After monitoring for further two hours with reading taken every 15 minutes, no further movements of both anchor blocks were seen.

“The loading was reduced by half (to simulate 400 people on one half of the bridge) and readings were taken again for the next 12 hours. It was recorded that there was no further movement of both anchor blocks.

“Subsequently all the loads were removed and the monitoring of the anchor block is currently still ongoing. Currently, no further sign of movement of the anchor block is observed,” said JKR.

JKR said instruction has been given to close the area surrounding the tilted anchor block to prevent public from going near the structure.

JKR said as of today, the physical progress of construction works is 94.52 per cent against the scheduled 86.84 per cent.  The bridge is ahead of schedule by 7.68 per cent.

The tilting of the anchor block on Kubah Ria side was noticed by the public and came to light in social media today.

Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing rushed to the scene this afternoon after been notified of the latest discovery.

He acknowledged that “the pillars are tilted to one side” and that he would only be briefed by his officers tomorrow. — DayakDaily