Spa and reflexology centres, clothing stores, salons not allowed to operate in MCO areas

Desmond Jerukan at Covid-19 press conference held at Old State Assembly Complex today (Jan 19, 2021).

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Jan 19: Fashion retail outlets, hair and beauty saloons, massage centres as well as spas and reflexology centres are prohibited to operate in areas under movement control order (MCO) which currently only affected Sibu, Kanowit and Selangau. 

As there were confusions over the operation of spas and reflexology centres, Desmond Jerukan, Principal Assistant Secretary of Ministry of Local Government and Housing had come forth to clarify that under MCO, non-essential services and sectors are not allowed to operate.

“Clothes shops, hair salons, spas and reflexology centres cannot operate during MCO,” he clearly stated at the press conference on Covid-19 update today.

For those who are still confused as to what business activities and economic sectors are allowed to operate, he advised them to refer to the SOP guideline already published in National Security Council (NSC) official site at

For Sarawak, only Sibu, Kanowit and Selangau are under MCO, it is thus clear that fashion retail stores, hair and beauty salons as well as spas and reflexology centres are not allowed to operate throughout MCO period which will last until Jan 26.

Meanwhile, for other parts of Sarawak including Miri, Bintulu and Kuching which are under conditional MCO (CMCO), most economic activities are allowed to operate as usual from 6am to 10pm except for entertainment and social activities in night clubs or pubs, theme parks, indoor playground, karaokes (including family karaokes), cinemas, massage centres as well as spa and reflexology centres are also not allowed. 

In brief, any activities that will involve a mass gathering of people at a place in which physical distancing and other health and safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) cannot be observed are prohibited throughout CMCO which last until Jan 31. — DayakDaily