SDDMC will reveal places visited by PATI with Delta variant in Sibu once police release info

Dr Annuar Rapaee

SIBU, July 22: Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) will reveal the places visited by the illegal immigrant (PATI) from Indonesia who had tested positive for the Covid-19 Delta variant.

Its coordinator, Dr Annuar Rapaee however said that they could only do so if the police, who are investigating the case, released this information.

“We have nothing to hide. We will share (with the public) the places where the person had visited before he was detained at Sibu Hospital for 21 days,” he said.

According to him, the PATI was in the town for two days prior to his/her their detention.

“The person entered the State on July 5 and was detained on July 7. This means that he was in the town for two days before his detention,” he said in his Facebook livestream yesterday.

He added that those who wanted to hire foreign workers must go through the proper procedures.

“We must be careful if we want to engage the services of such immigrants as we don’t know whether they have gone through a comprehensive health check or have had a health check at all. Whether they have been vaccinated or not, and with no documents, it is also difficult to vaccinate them. We also don’t know whether they have been quarantined between 14 and 21 days,” he said.

He called on the cooperation from the residents as the authorities had been working very hard to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“SDMC has been working very hard to curb the spread of the virus and also to ensure that the vaccination programme runs smoothly. So don’t spoil the soup by bringing PATI’s into the State,” he urged.

Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) in a statement yesterday said the patient was tested positive of Covid-19 from samples sent to UNIMAS on July 12.

SDDMC said another illegal immigrant who had close contact with the said patient was however tested negative. He was subsequently placed at the quarantine center for up to 21 days.

Two locals who also had close contact with the patient were tested negative and were also detained at a quarantine center for 21 days. — DayakDaily