Sarawakians must beware of power-hungry politicians — PKR Kuching women chief

Cherishe Ng

KUCHING, Aug 19:  Sarawakians must be aware of power-hungry politicians who are frantically pursuing fame and fortune without regard for the people’s feeling.

This is the view of PKR’s newly appointed Kuching Division Women’s Chief, Cherishe Ng who believed that these politicians are going as far as to betray the mandate given to them by the people.

“As such, the people are now faced with the situation which was never expected in the first place – internal betrayal,” said Ng in a press statement today.

She opined that if politicians were to focus all the efforts they have used to gain their fame and fortune on the people instead, many problems can easily be solved already. 

For the first time in 50 plus years, the people had successfully voted out the BN rule in a bid to seek political reforms in Malaysia and to truly implement a two-party system which will pave way for the future of democracy. 

And to her, only such a system can ensure long-term protection of rights and interest as there is a healthy check and balance between government and opposition. 

The historical event of May 9, 2018 is proof of the people’s mandate. It is only a pity that the regime change did not last long. It was a hard-won war, only to be crumbled by an internal battle. A situation truly akin to the Trojan horse, she said.

But she believed that the traitors who have violated the people’s trust and mandate will face the wrath from the people themselves in the next state election. Let the people be the judge. 

“The federal and State Governments should start implementing proper policies to curtail the problems faced by the mass public and to solve issues happening on the ground rather than continuously focusing on unhealthy political manoeuvres. 

“The recent happenings at both federal and State levels show that there are certain individuals who have never been keen to pursue a consolidation of power or a harmonious relationship between parties and individuals to benefit the people. 

“In the midst of a power rush, they have ignored the fundamental interests of the people instead,” she asserted.

She held that the top leaders of Malaysia and incumbent State leaders have blindly wooed politicians left and right, successfully established a backdoor government and overthrown a democratically elected government in violation of the basic principles of democracy. 

“Such an improper practice of overthrowing a government via a coup d’etat, whether it be the Sheraton Move or the recent Musa Aman episode in Sabah is a gross breach of the spirit behind a democratic nation.” 

She hoped that such negative political ploys will cease as it has already plummeted Malaysia’s image in the eyes of the world. — DayakDaily