“Sarawak says no to Zakir, let it be Malaya’s problem”, says Wan Junaidi

Wan Junaidi fielding questions from reporters. (file photo)

By Lian Cheng 

KUCHING, Aug 16:   Santubong MP Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar supports Sarawak government’s decision to blacklist controversial preacher Zakir Naik as a precautionary step to preserve Sarawak’s distinctive racial and religious harmony.

He reasoned that Sarawak, as a model State of integration, where about 35 per cent of its population marrying outside their races or religions,  it is a paramount duty to take the preventive step to prevent any possible threat that may cause disintegration to State’s prevailing unity and harmony.

“He (Zakir) may be misquoted but the fact remains that he has been the reason for the present misunderstanding.  So I support the stand of Sarawak government.

“Let it (the Zakir controversy) remains as a West Malaysian problem,” Wan Junaidi told DayakDaily.

He said apart from Zakir, Sarawak has the rights to stop anyone from Malaya who may disrupt or disturb Sarawak’s way of life and racial and religious harmony.

“That right must be exercised without fear and favour against those who have the potential to cause disunity and disrupt religious and racial harmony in Sarawak.

“These dissenters must be sent back to where they belong. It means to include any political or government leaders from outside Sarawak. No one should be allowed to cause disunity in the State of Sarawak,” stressed Wan Junaidi.

Wan Junaidi who is Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) supreme council member, gave Zakir the benefit of the doubt after the latter claimed that he was misquoted in his speech in Kelantan.  

“Whether he should continue to reside in Malaysia, the federal government will have to investigate and decide.  And the federal government has to decide based on what is best for the country.

“Zakir like anyone else has his individual rights but Malaysians as a whole, has a common right. I believe the government needs to weigh on this to decide properly whether he should stay or been deported.”

Wan Junaidi however, reminded the federal government that it must be fair in making its decision.

“Whoever incites hatred and disunity must be taken to task.  Everyone who has done that must be dealt with regardless of their political affiliations, race or religion and whether they are inside or outside government,” said Wan Junaidi.

Zakir has been condemned by many Malaysians for his recent speech in Kelantan.

He was reported comparing the Hindus in Malaysia to the Muslim in India, saying that the Hindus here enjoyed more than 100 per cent rights in Malaysia compared to Muslims in India.

He alleged that the Hindus here were more loyal to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Dr Mahathir.

Zakir also called on Malaysian Chinese to “go back” first as they were the “old guests” of the country during the religious talk.

The charismatic preacher has been wanted in India over corruption charges but certain charges are claimed to be trumped-up. — DayakDaily