Sarawak police seek public cooperation to further reduce crime cases

Police personnel gather for a group photo together with the community leaders.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, Jan 20: Despite solving 65 per cent of crime cases in Sarawak, Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) Sarawak is seeking cooperation from the public to improve their success rate.

“In the year 2020, the police will act more aggressively and will solve more crime cases,” Sarawak Commissioner Police, Datuk Ramli Din said during a meeting with Kota Samarahan community leaders at the Kota Samarahan district police headquarters this morning.

“Although crime has decreased, there are still some issues which we the police are worried about,” Ramli revealed, adding that these issues is commercial crime in Sarawak.

“In 2018, the total amount of losses was RM70 million which increased to RM120 million in the year 2019,” Ramli pointed out.

Ramli noted that although the commercial crime rate had decreased by 25 per cent, the total amount of losses increased.

“The suspects usually do scam activity through phone calls by hooking up with the victim and later scam them.”

Ramli said that the speed and spread of drug activity is also a troubling issue, in boh urban and rural areas.

“Drugs nowadays come in many forms and colours and it is not the same drugs during the old time,” Ramli pointed out.

He noted that drugs nowadays can make the users active, instead of becoming a ‘living corpse’ after taking the old edition drugs.

“After the drugs have been taken by the users, they will be awake for a few days and do anything in order to get money for them to buy the drugs.”

He also pointed out that drug users now even take drugs in entertainment centres, with 67 out of 167 people cornered during an operation recently at an entertainment centre in Kuching testing positive for drugs.

The public is urged to report to the police if anyone close to them regardless of friends and family are involved in criminal or drug activity to prevent the issues from getting more serious. — DayakDaily