S4S sowing seeds of hatred between East and West Malaysians — Rep

Wong (second from right) with Information Department state director Abang Sardon Abang Hashim (second from left) at SK Lumba Kuda for the Jalur Gemilang handing-over ceremony.

KUCHING, August 7: A lawmaker today raised concerns over Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) as certain quarters in the movement seemed to be spreading ill will between East and West Malaysians.

Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei agreed S4S had raised awareness among locals on the state’s history and rights, but he believed leaders in this non-governmental organisation (NGO) had a “hidden agenda”, and this must be stopped.

“These people are planting feelings of hatred between East and West Malaysians. They are trying to segregate us, Malaysians, and this is not right.

“These S4S individuals and group are abusing the spirit of nationalism for their personal gains. Their selfishness is in taking advantage of the current situation by fanning the flames of dissension and spreading lies and half-truths with the sole purpose of creating misconceptions and conflicts between Sarawak and West Malaysia,” said Wong at the state-level ‘Kibar Jalur Gemilang’ campaign here today.

Wong (fourth from right) with state Information Department officers, state Education Department officers, SK Lumba Kuda teachers, pupils and parents at the school’s Jalur Gemilang celebration.

Sarawak, with over 30 ethnic groups, had long been the embodiment of what a multicultural and multi-ethnic country should be — everyone living in peace and in harmony with one another.

Hence, Wong wondered why this group of people were propagating ill sentiments towards people from the peninsula, unless they have hidden motives and were masking them by portraying themselves as “champions of Sarawak’s autonomy and rights”.

“They keep harping about how East Malaysia has been suppressed, marginalised and handed the short-end of the stick by the West Malaysia side.

“If left unchecked, this will create disharmony and plant seeds of discord in the hearts of Sarawakians everywhere,” cautioned Wong.

He stressed that unlike S4S, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government was promoting unity and good governance.

“This is how we can transform. We are all Malaysians, and we are one,” he pointed out.

Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei

Wong also urged the Education Ministry to amend the History subject as currently there were three celebrations and public holidays relating to the Independence of Malaysia: (a) July 22 is Sarawak Independence Day, (b) Aug 31 is Malaysia’s Independence Day, and (c) Sept 16 is Malaysia Day.

“We have been taught and given the wrong facts about our own country’s history. I urge the ministry to correct what is wrong. History must not change. In other words, we must not wrong our own history,” he said.

Wong hoped these three events would be prominently featured in the national History curriculum as each one of them has its own importance. — DayakDaily