Residents of 5 longhouses in Ulu Baleh put up warning notice barring SEB contractors from Baleh Dam site

The warning notice put up by the longhouse residents.

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By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, May 8: Residents of five longhouses in Ulu Baleh, Kapit have put up a warning notice yesterday prohibiting Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) contractors from entering Baleh Dam construction site via Jalan Simpang Seluyuh following their grouses towards an alleged compensation over land use issue.

The five longhouses are Rh Jantai Siba, Rh Jack Sib at, Rh Samumak Chepau, Rh Socesilly Sintau and Rh Jamit Unggat.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing, who is alerted of the issue, told DayakDaily today that the longhouse residents in Ulu Baleh may have their grouses with SEB over the alleged compensation issue as mentioned in the notice.

“Those SEB staff in charge of way leave in Baleh Dam must do their job seriously and listen to the grouses of longhouse dwellers! If they don’t, the construction of Baleh Dam will face delay and it may involve in extra cost,” he said.

The Baleh assemblyman who had been involved in the construction of three dams namely Batang Ai, Bakun and Murum in Sarawak, further advised SEB to not be “penny wise and pound foolish” in the alleged Baleh Dam matter.

“I know what the people affected by the Dam want and need. They are reasonable and listen to the reason.

“SEB must be fair in discharging its duties! No discrimination in implementing its policies! The people know if SEB does.

“Baleh Dam may face social problems if they aren’t careful and sincere in carrying out their responsibilities,” he added.

Dated May 7, 2021, the warning notice in Iban reads (in translation):

“The longhouse residents do not allow Sarawak Energy or all contractors working in Baleh Dam to use Jalan Simpang Seluyuh because SEB do not discuss (with us) over compensation payment of using our ancestors’ land in Ulu Baleh.”

“Baleh Dam does not benefit us but burden us residents from the five longhouses. Anyone who does not listen to this warning will be fined RM5,000 per vehicle because the road does not belong to the government.”

The residents pose for a photo with the warning notice as a symbol of solidarity.

The affected areas are Entelangau area of Rh Jantai Siba, Sg Semumban, Gayom Kiba, Selirik, Slig Jabang; Entelawan area of Rh Jack Sibat, Sg Selentang Jabang Kanan; Entelawan area of Rh Samumak Chepau, Sg Sebatu Baleh; Serenggat area of Rh Socesilly Sintau, Sg Selirik Baleh; and Sepanggil area of Rh Jamit Unggat, Sg Entuloh Baleh. — DayakDaily