DNC president: ‘Rakyat’ entitled to assistance from both GPS and PH

Paul Raja

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KUCHING, Oct 30: The ‘rakyat’ stand to lose when politicians drag their followers into their fight, opines Dayak National Congress (DNC) president Paul Raja.

Calling such a move irresponsible, Paul believes that a politician’s fight is a political fight and ‘leaders’ who forces the people to side with them are just defending their own personal interests and positions.

“It is totally irresponsible for a leader to force and drag their followers into a fight that is not their own. If they are sincere, they should advise the people to get whatever assistance is given to them — regardless of whether from state government Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) or federal government Pakatan Harapan (PH).

“This will definitely benefit the people because they will receive benefits from both governments. PH and GPS should compete to be the better government by giving more assistance to the people, not by sabotaging the other,” according to Paul in a statement, today.

When that happens, he feels that not only the people benefit, the nation as a whole will benefit as well.

“We will then have a better Malaysia and better political environment leading Malaysia to become a developed nation,” he asserted.

Paul was responding to the recent political spat between GPS and PH with regards to Federal Village Committee Management Council (MPKKP) versus Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK).

According to him, the spat started when GPS issued letters barring community leaders from attending non-GPS functions.

“The federal government under PH is a government chosen by the people and they have to do their duty to serve the people throughout Malaysia. But when the GPS state government stopped the community leaders from attending PH functions, how does the federal government work to serve?

“Now GPS is crying foul when they were the one that started the problem. They started a fight they could not possibly win. Now they want to people to fight with them,” Paul lamented.

He strongly believes the ‘rakyat’ should not be involved in such political fights.

“Leave the ‘rakyat’ alone. Let them receive whatever grants, projects and assistance given, be it from GPS or PH. The people must remain neutral. If politicians want to fight, then let them. They have all the firepower to fight each other. But do not involve the people,” he added. — DayakDaily