Python causes power outage in Mukah

The carcass of the four-metre long python that caused the one-hour outage in Mukah.

KUCHING, Sept 13: A four-metre long python that was electrocuted on an electrical pole caused an hour of power interruption in Mukah yesterday.

According to a press release from Sarawak Energy Berhad (Sarawak Energy), the python had come into contact with the conductors causing the supply interruption in the 6.05am incident.

The python’s carcass hanging on the electricity pole near Penakub Ulu was discovered by a technical crew patroling the 11kV overhead lines servicing the area.

The team removed the carcass and ensured the condition of the overhead line was still safely intact without any damage.

Electricity supply was fully restored at 7.07am.

Among the areas affected by the incident were Jebungan, Penakub Ulu, Kampung Teh, Kampung Teh Clinic, Kampung Tegak, Kampung Tabo, Nitsei Sago and its surrounding areas.

The carcass of the python was found on top of the electrcity pole.

According to Sarawak Energy, wildlife disturbances contribute from January to July this year, 70 cases of outages due to wildlife intrusion were recorded in Sibu, Kapit, Kanowit, Mukah and Sarikei districts. In most cases, monkeys and squirrels were the main contributors to these incidents.

“Our priority is to ensure continuous supply of electricity to all our customers. In cases like this, we will immediately deploy our technical team to investigate and restore supply as soon as it is safely possible. It is truly unfortunate to find these animals electrocuted by the high voltage cables,” the statement quoted Sarawak Energy Central Region Regional Manager Nazry Abdul Latip as saying.

He added Sarawak Energy is continuously looking into ways to mitigate the situation by installing anti animal-climbing guards at stay cables and carrying out constant patrols on the overhead lines at areas identified to have high wildlife presence.

“Our lines traverse forested areas which are natural wildlife habitats so we need to take a sustainable approach in managing the wildlife presence on our installations. The public can also help us by reporting wildlife sightings on our installations so the team can immediately act on the problem,” Nazry explained.

Customers may contact Sarawak Energy’s 24/7 Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111 or email for assistance. Wildlife sightings may also be reported through Sarawak Energy’s mobile app “SEB cares”, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. — DayakDaily