Pundit: GPS to win big in Mas Gading due to anti-DAP sentiment on ground

Dato Peter Minos (file pic)

KUCHING, Nov 14: A local political pundit predicts that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) will win big in Mas Gading, claiming anti-DAP sentiment on the ground.

According to Dato Peter Minos, the voters in the area were disappointed with Democratic Action Party (DAP) as it has brought nothing to Mas Gading in the past four years.

“Everywhere I went last week in the Mas Gading area, people said very rugi (big loss) supporting DAP in the last GE14 (14th General Election) in 2018,” said Minos.

He said when he asked for an explanation, they told him that “DAP did absolutely nothing in four years, including the 22 months while in federal power”. 

Other reasons, he said, were that DAP always gave excuses such as not having enough money or that it’s ‘not its duty’ as it is ‘outside the government’.

Quoting the villagers he met, Minos said DAP was doing nothing but giving excuses, spewing doubts and suspicions, and creating propaganda.

He said DAP in Mas Gading was making things worse by only trying to find faults “as if it is perfect itself and actively doing things for the people”. 

“Political parties which do nothing but play rhetorics are, in fact, useless. They are not responsible, caring, and concerned about the people,” said Minos.  

He said most voters in Mas Gading are economically-struggling rural villagers, and they genuinely need their representatives to do something concrete for them. 

“DAP made big promises in 2018 but once voted in power, their promises were not kept but deliberately broken. They played coy.  

“Mas Gading people feel disappointed. So now they are determined to kick out DAP and get GPS in.

“I predict GPS candidate Lidang (Disen) will win very big in Mas Gading due to the anti-DAP ‘mood’. He enjoys the advantage of the very pro-GPS and ‘Sarawak First’ sentiment,” Minos claimed. — DayakDaily