Pujut neighbourhood patrol apprehend 3 men for suspected drug activity

The patrol team making the earlier arrest at Marina Park at 9.30pm.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, June 21: A self-employed man in his 30’s was among three people detained by a Residents’ Committee Pujut (RC Pujut) patrol team last night.

He confessed to inhaling ‘ganja’ using his e-cigarette device prior to his arrest around 9.30pm.

The man, a mechanic, was on a double date inside his car with his male friend and their two female acquaintances when the patrol team approached.

The male friend was arrested as well as he also confessed to taking drugs.

Meanwhile the same patrol team led by Miri RC chairman Malateh Mahmud later that night made another arrest in Pujut 1.

They detained a 22-year-old man who was behaving suspiciously around the residential area at 11.30pm.

The suspect also admitted to using drugs.

All of the apprehended people were handed over to National Anti-Drugs Agency Miri branch personnel for further action. — DayakDaily