PH heading towards implosion, says Minos

Dato Peter Minos

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KUCHING, Nov 19: Former PBB deputy info chief Datuk Peter Minos predicts that the infighting within certain Pakatan Harapan (PH) component parties would weaken the coalition which could lead to their demise.

He added that PH chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will not yield in seeking the elusive Malay unity in the peninsula, which he broke when defeating former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Besides, he (Mahathir) will want to get someone competent and friendly to be the next prime minster for valid reasons and that will not likely be (Parti Keadilan Rakyat president) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Therein lies the inherent source of implosion or explosion in PH. That will also see the beginning of the demise of PH,” According to Minos in statement issued here today.

He opined that PH leaders knew the real problems facing their party but are helpless to do anything for fear of Dr Mahathir.

“DAP (Democratic Action Party) in particular is truly fearful of the man (Dr Mahathir) and would reprimand any party member who openly criticises Dr Mahathir and that is what the Chinese look at with total disfavour and even with disgust,” he added.

Minos opined DAP is now in deep trouble because it is being abandoned by the Chinese.

“All my Chinese friends in KL have said so. So, sorry to say, PH is now already crippled and will continue to be so and would get worse in the next three years,” he added.

Due to the continued infighting, Minos predicted that Dr Mahathir may call for a snap election to salvage PH.

“I’m not surprised if by late next year, PH will see itself falling and drowning in its domestic problems and total failures in governing the country. It may even not survive the next three years. Maybe, Dr Mahathir may call the general elections early in late 2020, hoping for salvation and divine intervention, if any, just to find the last breath for PH,” he predicted.

Minos asserted that waiting for the completion of the full term in 2023 would not be possible due to the ongoing internal political intrigues in PH.

“He may take the risk, even though he will know in all probability he and PH will be totally rejected by Malaysians as shown by the voters in Tanjug Piai by-election,” he opined.

Minos added, the aftermath of Tanjung Piai by-election, Malaysians are asking why PH is performing so badly.

“There is no point repeating the reasons for PH’s total failure because so many have written about it, but suffice to say that PH made a fatal mistake of deliberately dishonouring its electoral promises and not looking after the country well, with the economy wobbling, the value of the ringgit down, cost of living rising, racial and religious problems persisting, ministers squabbling and endless internal party problems.

“So what is the future for PH?

“PH has slightly over three years to run the country. Looking at all angles, it is impossible for PH to repair the damages done because right now, PKR is having internal problems and so is DAP to some extent. Soon, by May, Anwar or his cronies will bid for the prime minister’s post. That is for certain, and PH will likely implode because of this issue alone.

“And when that happens, there will be no time or opportunity to make amends or to rectify anything in PH. So after May next year, anything goes which will not be good for PH,” he warned. — DayakDaily