Pelawan rep: Why afraid of MPKKP, are you seeing hantu?

David Wong

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By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Nov 8: Pelawan assemblyman David Wong has questioned why Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) are so fearful of the Federal Village Management Committee Council (MPKKP).

“They see ‘hantu’ when they see MPKKP. Why? The Chinese have a saying that goes ‘you have nothing to be afraid of if you are righteous’,” said Wong when debating the Sarawak Budget 2020 at the DUN sitting here today.

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) lawmaker said GPS, on one hand, wanted to tell the people they cared about rural developments and the welfare of the rural folks, but when the Pakatan federal government wanted to set up the MPKKP in Sarawak, they go all out to prevent that from happening.

To him, the facts were that GPS has failed Sarawakians for the past 50 years, as Sarawak still has longhouses without the basics such as treated water and electricity.

He claimed that GPS sabotaged the Pakatan federal government’s policies even if they are good for the people of Sarawak.

“The proof is the previous Sarawak State Secretary issued directive to the resident offices to disallowed the village headmen, community leaders to attend the events and programmes of Pakatan government.”

“Pakatan have to find a way to help the rural folks by setting up the MPKKP to disseminate those policies that are beneficial to the folks such as i-Suri, BekaB40, BSH, and so forth so that they are not left out.”

He said GPS on the other hand, had said that the MPKKP was haram (illegal) and it was against the Community Chiefs and Headmen Ordinance 2004.

“GPS should know that the MPKKP is the federal’s Village Community Management Council (which is) not to elect the community chief or village headman, but a council to disseminate the information of the federal government’s policies and programmes so that the folks know them for their benefits.”

On Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK), he said the Sarawak Budget 2020 saw the allocation of RM100 million, which is the first time the state government is giving so much weight to JKKK.

“And we all know very well that the reason behind this was because of the competition from MPKKP. This is proof that MPKKP is good for the people of Sarawak because even the JKKK is the beneficiary of the MPKKP.”

He said it has also been estimated that the federal government will spend more than RM140 million, in reference to Meradong assemblyman Datuk Ding Kong Hiing.

“Assuming that’s correct, is there anything wrong with additional funding for Sarawak and additional projects for the people? What’s wrong with those who oppose the setting up of the MPKKP?” — DayakDaily