Pelawan constituency to tackle flooding with ‘Great Wall of China’ concept

Tiang (right) inspecting the Jalan Ling Kai Cheng drain.

SIBU, Sept 29: The recurring flooding problem in the Pelawan constituency will be addressed using the ‘Great Wall of China’ concept.

“Sungai Seduan is an important river in my constituency, as all the drains in the area direct water into the river.

‘We have to upgrade all the drains into concrete structures, based on the Great Wall of China concept,” said Pelawan assemblyman Michael Tiang today.

Tiang emphasised the need for an effective irrigation system within the Pelawan area to control water levels and implement flood mitigation effectively.

Currently, his focus is on upgrading the 1.1 km stretch of Jalan Ling Kai Cheng to Sungai Seduan.

He mentioned that each year, allocations are allocated for drainage upgrades, with the goal of connecting them all the way to Sungai Seduan in a manner similar to the Great Wall of China.

If the funds are insufficient in one year, they will continue the work in the following year.

He explained that upgrading the drains into concrete structures will result in a more effective irrigation system.

“We believe this will control the water level in the Pelawan residential area and prevent flash flood issues,” he added. — DayakDaily