PBK on Sarawak roadshow from Aug 29-31 to promote party

Voon Lee Shan

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Aug 28: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) will be going on a roadshow throughout Sarawak from August 29 to 31 to promote the party.

Its president Voon Lee Shan said all the party’s directors of political affairs of each region will organise their own team travelling in their own region to promote the mission and struggle of the party.

“The mission of the party is to set Sarawak free and independent from the federation of Malaysia and to take whatever rights taken by the federal government back for Sarawak.

“We shall go on convoy and will try to cover as many places as possible to explain the party’s mission and to distribute literature about the party’s struggle.

“We ask Sarawakians to support and give encouragement to us along the way.

“We need to inform all Sarawakians that Sarawak was acquired as a gift from Great Britain by Malaya to enlarge the territories of Malaya on September 16, 1963,” he said in a statement.

Voon stressed that their roadshow is not a holiday trip and is also not a trip to celebrate Merdeka Day because he claimed that August 31 has no significance to Sarawak.

He said it is the party’s belief that Sarawak could be better off if Sarawak is an independent nation and nothing to do with Malaya.

Voon added Sarawak had lost its oil and gas resources to Malaya.

Thus, he said PBK also foresee that, one day, all the native customary rights land (NCR) could also be taken and vested in a company set up by the federal government.

For the roadshow, Voon said in the southern region, the convoy will be led by Raymond Thong.

He added that the convoy in the central zone, Sarikei zone and northern zone will be led by Priscilla Lau, Wong Ching King and Devora Chung respectively. —DayakDaily