PBB Youth writes off opposition’s road sign stunt as political cheap shot

Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman

KUCHING, August 20: PBB Youth expressed disappointment in DAP Youth putting up Mandarin characters on road signs around Kuching without the local authorities’ permission.

Labelling it as an act of blatant vandalism, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth deputy chief Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman asserted that besides being against the law, DAP Youth appeared even proud of the illegal act by posting about it on social media.

“DAP Youth’s move to place Mandarin writing on some road signs around Kuching without the permission of local authorities has clearly violated the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the National Language Act 1953/1967, which stipulates that the national language should be used in all official government affairs including road signage,” he added.

In stating this, he opined that DAP is intentionally politicising the Mandarin language by doing so only for personal and party interests when the Sarawak 12th state election (PRN12) is anticipated to be just around the corner.

“DAP, which has run out of capital after failing to fulfil all the promises in GE14 (14th General Election) manifesto when given the opportunity to rule the country, is clearly very desperate with the upcoming PRN12.

“Such a negative political culture is not accepted in Sarawak which greatly appreciates unity,” Fazzrudin emphasised in a press statement today.

Therefore, he urges the local authorities to take legal action against those involved in the illegal road sign stunt before it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere in the community.

He also reiterated that DAP Youth’s deliberate exploitation of the Mandarin language could cause tension and can be considered seditious when the language, culture or religion of a race is used as a “weapon”.

“Under the Sedition Act 1948, anyone deemed to be trying to incite by raising the issue to the point of creating a tense situation, conflict and threatening security, can be prosecuted accordingly,” he added. — DayakDaily