PKR Hulu Rajang calls on state govt to repair roads to MRS

Abun Sui Anyit

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Aug 20: Sarawak PKR Hulu Rajang is calling on the state government to repair the roads leading to the Metalun Resettlement Scheme (MRS) in the Murum constituency.

Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak Hulu Rajang chief Abun Sui Anyit in a statement asserted the roads which were built previously by the state government for the construction of the Murum dam were badly damaged, and were inaccessible to vehicles for a year.

“The Long Singu and Long Tangau villagers are the most affected as they need to go back to the traditional way of travelling by riding boats to schools and moving out from their villagers to Belaga and Bintulu.

“For those who have vehicles, they need to station their vehicles at the other side of the village and use boats to cross the river before going back to their villages,” he highlighted in a statement.

Abun Sui revealed the roads which were built were already in bad condition three years ago before getting more badly damaged in the past year.

Thus, the villagers had recently organised a ‘gotong-royong’ (work party) to repair the roads as an alternative route of getting to town from their villages.

However, this alternative route has to bypass a palm oil estate at the MRS area.

Hence, he added, local residents especially the Penan community at MRS are urging the state government to repair the roads at their resettlement area which are badly damaged. — DayakDaily