Pay your assessment rates: MPKS opens counters at places frequented by public on weekends

Minos (standing, right) watches MPKS staff collect assessment rates. Photo courtesy: MPKS

KUCHING, Feb 11: Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) will open counters at places frequented by the public on weekends for ratepayers under its jurisdiction to pay their assessment rates.

In a statement today, its chairman, Dato Peter Minos, said this is done following requests from ratepayers who are too busy to pay on weekdays due to their working hours.

“Ratepayers said that on Saturdays and Sundays, they have more free time as they’re not busy working compared to weekdays. So, MPKS obliged,” he said.

He added that the council is targeting 90 per cent of its ratepayers to pay their assessment rates. Currently, only 70 per cent have paid.

“Assessment rates are needed to carry out public services like grass cutting, street-cleaning, scavenging, desludging, drain-cleaning, and so on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minos also addressed the issue of waste collection and said there was a disruption of services due to the abrupt closure of their landfill near Kampung Plaie by the authorities.

“Now, waste from Samarahan is sent to Trienekens at Mambong, which is over 60km, and the farthest is from the Sadong Jaya area, affecting the collection schedules, and work programmes had been in place.

“MPKS’ contractors have already been directed to do a special spring clearing, clear all outstanding waste, and revert to the regular collection schedule by Feb 15.

“This must be done — no two ways about it. Waste must be collected. No excuses (are) to be entertained,” he said. — DayakDaily