Pakatan govt instability is going to make 2020 a tough year for Sarawak

Dato Peter Minos

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KUCHING, Dec 28: Sarawak will face greater hardship in 2020 with Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government’s continuous politicking, internal squabbling and increasing hostility to Sarawak, political observer Dato Peter Minos predicts.

“I hope I’m wrong, but I must say it will be a hard and difficult time for Sarawak in 2020 because the PH federal government will continue to be unfriendly and hostile to Sarawak.

“Funds that Putrajaya used to give for development will not be forthcoming. Even funds for already approved projects had been cut. PH will use every mean and tactic to undermine Sarawak government, hoping it will eventually fall and Putrajaya will then take over. It has been tough for Sarawak in 2019 and will be so in 2020,” he said in a press statement issued here today.

However, Minos asserted that the harder the PH federal government pressed and pressured Sarawak, the more determine Sarawakians will be standing behind their leaders and slogging it out.

“It seems that outsiders cannot and will not extinguish the ‘Sarawak First’ spirit among Sarawakians. It is too ingrained and too embedded among Sarawakians,” he said.

But Sarawakians, he added, still hope for a better Malaysia as it is still the best place to live in.

“In all honesty, Malaysia is a fine nation but the PH federal government, which is treating Sarawak shabbily and unfairly for odd reasons has forced Sarawakians to be unhappy with Putrajaya. Otherwise Malaysia is still the best and a pretty wonderful nation,” he emphasised.

The PH government’s failure, he observed, was partly due to the blaming on the past administration and its inability to tackle the growing economic uncertainties.

“The federal government has failed in improving the national economy, while holding on to the excuse of legacy issues and the past. The fact is that PH has failed to come out with workable, practical ideas and solutions and they are too busy with politicking and squabbling among themselves.

“So the economy is unstable and wobbling, the ringgit value continue to weaken, foreign capital taking flight, local and foreign investments down and the economic mood is gloomy. Sarawak is adversely affected by the economic downturn. This is sad and bad,” he said.

On race relation, Minos said the situation has worsened under PH administration with verbal clashes between races on racial and religious issues and ill feelings buried among the races.

“Something is wrong with our race relations but the federal government seems unconcerned and not taking the necessary action to solve the issue.

“Luckily, in Sarawak, the races remain steady and united as we will not allow the racial and religious issues in the Peninsular to affect or bother us.

“Fortunately, Sarawak can still hold the fort and can slog on. Thanks to a steady leader in CM (Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg) and Sarawak having the funds to progress. Sarawak can stand on its own feet,” he added.

As such, Minos observed that if 2020 gets worst and if political and other problems in the Peninsular get too unbearable, Sarawak may go to the polls to ensure stability and unity among Sarawakians.

“If matters in the Peninsular go out of control and if federal government continues to treat Sarawak with hostility, the state government will have no choice but to seek Sarawakians’ mandate to rule and to keep its present peace, unity and stability,” he emphasised.— DayakDaily