Padawan Council records 67 per cent drop in dengue cases

Affected residents hope the Padawan Municipal Council will take action to alleviate the flood menace at Jalan Saput and Jalan Quop.

KUCHING, Nov 24: The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) has recorded a 67 per cent decline in dengue fever cases from 214 reported cases last year to 71 cases within the same period this year.

To date, MPP had carried out mist spraying activities at 5,893 houses during the period.

MPP added that its Vector Control Unit carried out daily preventive measures to localities with potential dengue cases including in commercial shophouses, residential areas, villages, and government buildings including schools.

Among the preventive measures used by MPP to destroy potential Aedes breeding grounds are by fogging and larviciding to kill mosquitoes’ larvae.

“As of Nov 23, 2020, a total of 8,616 premises have been inspected and carried out the destruction of Aedes mosquitoes’ breeding grounds,” said MPP in a statement issued here today.

MPP pointed out that the best way to prevent the Dengue outbreak is maintaining a high standard of cleanliness especially in public places and house compounds, which were often overlooked by the people.

“Hence, the public is advised to maintain cleanliness in their respective areas by destroying containers that have the potential for holding water and pose as Aedes breeding site which will likely contribute to the occurrence of Dengue outbreak,” it said.

On rabies, MPP said, to date a total of 1,234 cases of dog bites were reported by the Health Department in MPP areas and only two cases of rabies were reported, involving human rabies cases.

“MPP Dog Management Unit, had successfully rounded up a total of 851 stray dogs for the period from January 1, 2020, to November 23, 2020 and a total of 60 dog carcasses had been disposed of,” it said.

For general information, MPP has also carried out joint operations with other agencies in July 2020 and rounded up 60 dogs during the two-day operation.

“MPP Dog Management Unit is on the ground routinely to carry out stray dog catching operations from time to time to curb the spread of rabies by conduction ‘Ops Bersepadu’ with relevant agencies such as the Veterinary Department,” it said.

MPP also reminded dog owners not to let their pets roaming freely on the street as it can threaten passers-by, as well as poses risk of contracting rabies if the pets mingle around with stray dogs with unknown health and vaccination status.

“Please stay vigilant and be a responsible dog’s owners by applying for a dog license from the Council, get rabies vaccination once a year and pets’ dog to be confined within the house compound,” MPP advised. – DayakDaily