OMSB does its part to support Covid-19 efforts, operates 108 QCs and 53 PKRCs throughout Sarawak

The layout of a quarantine centre prepped by OMSB.

KUCHING, July 7: One Medicare Sdn Bhd (OMSB), a healthcare support services company has assisted the Health Ministry (MOH) in the opening and operation of 108 quarantine centres (QCs) and 53 Covid-19 Low-Risk and Quarantine Centres (PKRCs) throughout Sarawak.

OMSB in a recent press statement said the operation of QCs and PKRCs are additional responsibilities for the company in ensuring the situation, especially concerning clinical waste management in QCs and PKRCs, is well-managed.

The additional duties also highlighted OMSB’s capability and commitment in providing clinical waste management services to hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to OMSB chief executive officer Sazali Tuah Neli, clinical waste has increased drastically since the pandemic broke out until now and the opening of QCs and PKRCs in Sarawak have also added to the amount.

He revealed that the company has increased the collection of clinical waste with contractors from three times a week to five times a week as well as built temporary storage facilities and provide high capacity bins to ensure that the clinical waste were disposed off properly.

OMSB has also supplied a total of 96,739 linen sheets for beds at QC and PKRC for use by medical staff and members of the public.

An OMSB employee conducting disinfection and cleaning at a quarantine centre.

The company also revealed among challenges it faced include the spike in Covid-19 cases.

Hence, Sazali hoped that people would abide by standard operating procedures (SOP) at all times and impose “self-lockdown” to curb the transmission of the coronavirus.

He added if positive cases continued to rise, the healthcare system would be in a critical state and this would impact the delivery of public health services.

“I have completed my Covid-19 vaccination and I would like to remind the public that although we have been vaccinated, we still need to take good care of ourselves like wearing facemasks and practicing physical distancing.

“It is crucial to follow the ethics and register for vaccination for those yet to do so as we will be able to assist to break the chain of the Covid-19 infection,” he said.

Sazali also pointed out that OMSB is committed to provide the best services to every hospital and QC as the company is working hard to protect the health and welfare of the citizen population. — DayakDaily