Number of resignations from PKR Sarawak insignificant — Sng

Datuk Larry Sng

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, May 20: PKR Sarawak chairman Larry Sng asserts the number of members quitting the party is “negligible” amidst uncertainty over whether their followers might follow suit.

Despite the resignations of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) branch leaders which include those under its Bandar Kuching, Sri Aman, Puncak Borneo, Stampin, Kanowit and other branches, Sng believes there is a silver lining ahead.

“The number of those who have left is negligible. However I don’t discount the possibility that their followers might leave PKR in the coming days.

“Nonetheless, I am optimistic that after their departure, there will be a period of stability in the party and we will come out stronger and more united than ever before,” Sng told DayakDaily in a WhatsApp message.

Meanwhile, in a post on his Facebook page, Sng revealed that slightly over 100 members have resigned or were suspended in the last two months.

“The party had long anticipated their departure and we are in the process of restructuring those branches which are affected.

“We expect to complete this exercise by next month and today we have appointed Mr Robert Lim to be the coordinator for Sibu branch. More coordinators shall be appointed for other branches in the coming days,” Sng disclosed.

He also asserted that following the exodus, the party will restructure itself and there will be a rebranding process where divisive words such as “cartel” or PKR’s initial slogan “Reformasi” will no longer be brought up in the party to ensure unity.

“In addition, the party is putting this episode behind us and we are in the process of rebranding our image.

“We have decided that we are no longer going to use the term ‘Reformasi’ or ‘Cartel’ in reference to our past internal party affiliation. The party is moving forward as one and we will come out stronger and more united than ever before,” Sng revealed.

‘Reformasi’ was the slogan used during the early phase of PKR where its members and supporters pushed for a change of federal government and the release of their top leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who was in prison at that time.

The word “cartel” was used by early party members and leaders who brought PKR from Peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak.

As the party grew, these fouding leaders and members were gradually pushed aside by the second batch of leaders. During the political bickering, the term “cartel” was used by the first batch of leaders to refer to the second batch of new leaders.

Sng and his supporters are the third wave of PKR Sarawak leadership. — DayakDaily