No PKR re-election in Julau, says JPP chief

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KUCHING, Nov 13: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Central Election Committee (JPP) chairman Dato Rashid Din announced today that the Julau branch election would not be held again.

“This decision is based on a vote count analysis that proves that all data is secure and has been successfully uploaded to the cloud server even though there are six e-voting applications on the tablet that have been wiped out by the Prey Anti-Theft software.

“Secondly, details of the votes cast and the technical analysis indicate that no votes were missing and the results of such voting are actually applicable. Therefore, the results of the polls for Julau Branch in Sarawak will be uploaded to the official portal of the party election in the near future,” he said in a press statement.


Rashid added that based on their meeting yesterday, the results of the re-election in Tawau and Pensiangan branches, Sabah, indicated negative readings on the columns of ‘Bilangan Kertas Undi Yang Tidak Dikembalikan’ (Total Ballot Paper Not Return Column), meaning that there is a lot of digital ballot papers received by the system server compared to the number of ballot papers issued by the quick response (QR) machine.

Secondly, for these branches, checks on the databases indicated that the records of some of the tablets used on the day of re-polling were not updated to the latest version of the e-ballot application — which is ver 8.0 (34).

Therefore, new polls data on Nov 11 has been mixed with polling data conducted on Nov 4 and 5 in the database system.

“Although the data received by the e-ballot system is mixed, it can still be applied and not corrupt but should go through the provisioning and reorganisation of data stored in the master database and backup. The e-ballot system is able to do so because every ballot data has been labelled with the place, time and date of the ballot,

“The process of provisioning and restructuring of this data will take some time, and it is certain that the result will change the number of votes received by each candidate, thus resolving the negative reading issue in the voting statement for each branch,” he said.

JPP, thus, concluded that the integrity of the polling data from the re-election in Tawau and Pensiangan branches is actually applicable.

Hence, the results of the elections in the Tawau and Pensiangan branches would be uploaded to the official portal of the party election after all the data removal and restructuring process have been completed.

Rashid said JPP had also received many Form 11 (for doubtful voters), but the committee would only conduct the Form 11 restructuring process for branch leadership positions with a draw result and those having a small majority. All affected candidates would be invited to witness this process. — DayakDaily