MPKS residents urged to report non-collection of waste

Dato Peter Minos

By Adrian Lim

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Aug 20: MPKS chairman Datuk Peter Minos revealed the council will soon erect signboards at strategic locations her to inform the public of waste collection schedules.

He added the public will be able to complain to the contractor via the displayed contact number if the collection was not done.

“MPKS (Kota Samarahan Municipal Council) is doing this so that the public in Kota Samarahan will be able to either call the scavenging contractor or MPKS if collection schedules are not adhered to.

“MPKS will strictly enforce the collection rule, following contract terms between MPKS and the appointed contractors.

“The basic idea is to improve scavenging services performance in Kota Samarahan,” Minos highlighted in a statement today.

He disclosed the council has received public feedback from local residents that waste collection is a big issue, and especially at the residential areas in Kota Samarahan.

Hence, he added, MPKS wants waste collection to be done as efficiently as possible.

Referring to his visit last year to Tokyo, Minos expressed hope that Kota Samarahan residents can emulate the cleanliness of the big metropolitan city and keep the district clean.

“We can do it. It all depends on the efficient municipal services and the cultures and habits of the people seeking cleanliness as a way of life.

“That is why MPKS repeatedly appeals to the public in Kota Samarahan to throw their rubbish into the bins or ROROs provided and not on the roads or streets or drains or streams.

“One must not do illegal dumping of bulk wastes which is a very bad habit.

“If everyone wants Kota Samarahan to be clean, then one needs to do his or her part and we together can do it,” he added. — DayakDaily