MoCS: Dr M’s reply to independence query “advice”, not a threat

Francis Siah - file pic

KUCHING, July 8: Movement for Change (MoCS) Sarawak is taking Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent statement on evoking the Sedition Act on those causing public disorder while advocating Sarawak’s independence as an advice instead of a threat.

“As for the prime minister’s reply that ‘in line with the government’s policy to promote freedom of speech as per Item 1 of Article 10 in the Federal Constitution, the use of provisions under the Sedition Act will only be utilised in cases where an act of sedition creates a situation that is beyond control that it jeopardises the security and public order’, I would take that as advice, not a threat,” said MoCS leader Francis Siah in a statement today.

He believed that to apply the Sedition Act on those advocating for Sarawak’s secession was “overkill”.

“Entry into and exit from any association is the sine qua non of any political partnership. Sedition as a prohibition and punishment for wanting out is an overkill,” said Siah.

He was confident that nothing will happen because “the proponents of independence for Sarawak have always carried out their activities in a peaceful and orderly manner”.

“Rallies organised by pro-independence Sarawakians are evidence of this which the Sarawak police can easily testify to. There were no clashes of any kind reported at all,” said Siah, attributing the peaceful and non-violent manner as “the Sarawakian way”.

“Come July 22, Sarawak Independence Day, another mammoth rally is being planned at Padang Merdeka in Kuching. I expect it to be orderly and peaceful too.”

Meanwhile, Siah lambasted Lanang MP Alice Lau for raising the question of what action would be taken by the federal government on those advocating for Sarawak’s independence.

He criticised Lau as being unwise for raising such a question in Parliament and opined asking such a question could possibly end a political career.

“This is particularly true now that the pro-Independence voices among Sarawakians are growing louder. I foresee a tough time ahead for the DAP to go against the tide. DAP lawmakers in Sarawak have to wise up.

“In Sarawak, the euphoria and support for Pakatan Harapan is a thing of the past. They have to work harder to earn the support of Sarawakians now.”

Siah questioned if Lau brought forth the question in Parliament under DAP top bosses’ directive or on her own accord.

He believed that if Lau were to have voluntarily submitted that question, then Lau deserved “all the brickbats” from Sarawakians.

“I would advise the young MP to refrain for posing such anti-Sarawakian questions in future, failing which I would seriously consider her unfit to represent Sarawak and Sarawakians in Parliament.”

“However, I must be fair to the Lanang MP too. She has every right to ask any question. If Lau’s intention in posing that question is to obtain direct information from the prime minister for the benefit of Sarawakians, then she would have achieved her objective.

“In this case, however, pro-secession Sarawakians probably wouldn’t see it that way. As a politician, Lau must learn to read the rising political temperature in her own backyard,” said Siah.

Recently in Parliament, Lau raised the question of what action the federal government would take against those advocating for Sarawak’s independence.

In a written reply, Dr Mahathir said actions will be taken under the Sedition Act against those who call for Sarawak’s secession from Malaysia if they jeopardised public order and security. — DayakDaily