Ministry sec-gen assures will continue look into issues faced by Sibu fire stations

Muhammad Rahman (light blue shirt) plants a sapling during his visit to the fire station.

SIBU, June 9: Fire stations in Zone 4 Sibu have been assured that their problems and needs especially those related to facilities will continue to be given attention by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

The ministry’s Deputy Secretary-General Muhammad Razman Abu Samah during an official working visit to the Sungai Merah Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), today said this was to maintain the excellent performance of firefighters who have always received high praise from many agencies, including the community.

“To further enhance the quick response of the fire brigade in an emergency, KPKT will take note of all fire stations in Sarawak in line with our 10-minute response time after being informed of an emergency call.

“It is the responsibility of KPKT to take care of all problems at fire stations and the welfare of its members,” he added.

Muhammad Razman said, all matters submitted will be forwarded to his superiors for discussion.

He said KPKT will continue to maintain its good relationship with the fire department so that their excellent performance can be improved from time to time.

He also described the contribution of the fire brigade as very proud to provide services outside their area of ​​responsibility to the community during emergencies.

“Therefore, KPKT is very concerned about fire matters, including at their stations and quarters.

“We also feel proud when the role and responsibility of these firefighters is praised by the community.

“I hope all the government’s plans to improve all facilities at the fire station, including building a new station, can be implemented. This is important to maintain the performance and good name of the department,” he said.

Muhammad Razman also said that his official working visit to Sibu was to monitor KPKT projects, including projects under the Fire and Rescue Department.

Sungai Merah BBP chief Abdul Mutalif Ja’afar in his speech said that his station needed KPKT’s attention to address certain shortcomings

Among them, he explained, was the occurrence of soil subsidence in front and behind the fire station which disrupted the response of its machinery in the event of an emergency, faded building paint, and the water pump that supplied water to the quarters is not functioning well.

“I hope KPKT through Muhammad Razman can consider and pay attention to our request,” he explained.

Abdul Mutalif said, BBP Sungai Merah started operating in 2005 and at that time it was classified as a Category B fire station but it is now classified under Category A after changes were made last year.

He revealed that BBP Sungai Merah has 55 firefighters with seven rescue machines.

In conjunction with his visit, Muhammad Razman planted saplings in the Sungai Merah fire station’s compound. — DayakDaily