Marudi on the alert for floods following continuous rain since Thursday

Floodwater level starting to rise in Marudi town following non stop rain since Thursday.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Jan 28: Excessive rain since Thursday night has raised concerns about possible floods in Marudi town.

Gloomy clouds and heavy rains for the past few days have put residents in Marudi’s low-lying areas on the alert especially when it was reported today that floodwater level has hit one foot high.

According to Marudi Police Headquarters crime prevention and community safety chief Inspector Erwin Geoffry Ussan, police machinery and personnel have been mobilised to flood-hit areas in the district to help ensure property safety.

“At the same time we want to make sure that no flood victims were stranded in flood areas,” he said.

Marudi police stepping up their patrol at flood affected areas.

Erwin added that his men are to carry out security control duties in the affected areas.

On another development, a flood relief operation would be carried out by various agencies, including the police on Saturday (Jan 29) to distribute 931 food packs to flood victims.

About 21 longhouses and schools would be receiving the aid.

The areas involved are Lubok Tumau (30 packs); Rumah Jipun, Sungao Gaong (32 packs); Rh Gerinang, Logan Tasong (22 packs); Rh Philip Bayu, Tanjon Upar (34 packs); Rh Mugang, Tanjong Upar (12 packs); Rh Vincent, Tanjong Upar (66 packs); Long Maro (126 packs); Lubok Kulat (eight packs); Benawa (108 packs); Sekolah Kebangsaan Benawa (18 packs); Kuala Tutoh (146 packs); SK Kuala Tutoh (seven packs); Rh Asong, Linei Bukit (84 packs); Long Patan (26 packs); Long Pahlo (10 packs); Long Ukok (14 packs); SK Long Panai (nine packs); Long Panai (140 packs); SMK Tutoh Apoh (29 packs); Klinik Kesihatan Long Panai (six packs) and SK Penghulu Baya Mallang (four packs). — Dayakdaily